The Last Moon Goddess: What Happened?

The Last Moon Goddess: What Happened?

As legends go, there isn’t one more revered than that of our ancient Moon Goddess. Drowning in controversy, Her disappearance is one that has been guessed at yet never quite resolved. Let’s unpack some of the myths surrounding Her life and disappearance.

She hasn’t been heard from in over a century.

This is not actually a myth—Her last recorded appearance in our world was, indeed, just a little over 100 years ago. According to a New Wolf Times article published on Her birthday last year—this is an official holiday known as “The Day of the Goddess”—She was last seen visiting a remote colony of wolves She had hoped to help integrate into a civilized shifter community.

You see, one of Her responsibilities as the Moon Goddess was to ensure that wolves around the world had an opportunity to socialize and come together as a way to foster the importance of pack diversity in every shifter community around the world. She reportedly visited this remote tribe because they had decided to finally trust Her and integrate into a thriving shifter community. This had taken Her over ten years to build up a two-way street of trust and respect.

Nobody knows if She ever made it there because She was never heard from again.

Her memory is worshipped by every wolf community around the world—but none more heavily than the community of Telemia.

Everyone in Telemia has their theories about why our local community holds the ancient Moon Goddess in such high regard. I spoke to Professor Xavier Lightlor recently to ask about his theories.

You won’t find any shifter community out there with more shrines to the Moon Goddess than Telemia. More than any other place in the world, She called this place her home, even though there is no known location of where She lived here. However, town officials believe She lived in the Sacred Cave, a place that is now being turned into a museum as an offering to Her memory.

Professor Xavier Lightlor, Defense Instructor

In fact, we still have Telemia Elders who speak about their memories of Her visits to the town. They all claim they felt a divine light from Her presence and are quite sad about the eventual fate the Goddess met after that last fateful trip to see the remote wolves that have yet to be identified, even after all these years.

There is nothing she wouldn’t have done to protect her wolves.

There are many legends and stories that exist about the lengths She would go to in order to secure the safety of the wolves. One legend says that She once won an entire war single-handedly against a group of rogue dragon shifters in Scotland who had sacrificed their own Fire Goddess in their fight against a large community of wolves in London. Known as the Battle for London, some say She destroyed an entire clan of dragon shifters in that battle without wielding any weapons.

Against an army of fire-breathing dragons? What a badass!

Every year, she received an extraordinary new power, gifted to her by a group of sky deities.

Legend has it that if She were still alive today, She would have had close to 200 incredible powers, an achievement that would have made Her the most feared, worshipped, and powerful being in our universe. Nobody throughout history has even come close to being that magically diverse. Here is a list of a handful of powers She is reported to have had while She was alive:

  • The ability to control and influence others’ emotions
  • The ability to turn any human into a wolf shifter
  • The ability to make an entire shifter community invisible with an impenetrable shield
  • The ability to read minds and communicate telepathically
  • The ability to predict the future with 100% accuracy

Which one of these powers do you think would be the most useful for shifters?

She will not be the last Moon Goddess our world will ever see.

In fact, there is a crazy rumor that the next fated Moon Goddess will be in attendance at Daegon Academy this year. However, that’s a complicated myth to unpack. One doesn’t exactly wake up and become a Moon Goddess over night. The ancient Moon Goddess is said to have been middle-aged by the time She came into her full powers. If this is true, it could be many years before we get to experience the infinite light and love of the next Moon Goddess.

Until then, what stories have you heard about the ancient Moon Goddess?

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