New Defense Teacher Xavier Lightlor Joins Daegon Academy

New Defense Teacher Xavier Lightlor Joins Daegon Academy

Though Professor Lightlor comes from a long legacy of law enforcement, as a child, he always had dreams of mentoring shifter youth of all origins. Before he attended Daegon Academy himself as a young adult, Lightlor started his own after school program for wolf shifters at his high school, Linton Prep, an all-boy private school for shifters in New York State. That was when he knew what he wanted to do with his life—teach his own unique defense strategies for new shifters.

Daegon Academy is proud to welcome him to our faculty as a first-year instructor for Wolf Defense.

“My first teaching job was at Lunos Academy, an intensive two-year program for the Fraternal Order of Lycan Police,” Mr. Lightlor said. “It was there that I developed an elite training program for an exclusive special forces team that still use my defense strategies today. I’ve learned recently that they’ve received the Telemia Medal of Honor for apprehending a group of known terrorists trying to eradicate the wolf shifter community.”

Mr. Lightlor has a Doctorate from Daegon Academy in Lycan Criminology and started teaching while he did his graduate work here. We are pleased to welcome him back to our shifter community, and we hope all his new students will offer the same sentiments.

“I never forgot my years here at Daegon Academy,” Mr. Lightlor said. “I can’t wait for classes to start this year so I can get to know all the amazing new students!”

Also an award-winning author of three books on defense strategies for new shifters, we believe Mr. Lightlor has a wealth of knowledge that will make our students’ time here very successful. If you want to get a head start on what you will learn this year with your new defense instructor, you can find all of his books in the Daegon Academy Library.

The week before classes start, Mr. Lightlor will be hosting a meet and greet to introduce his first-year students to all the other accomplished Daegon Academy students and other alumni. Everyone is welcome to attend what we feel will be an exciting event in the auditorium at 3:00 p.m., right after new student orientation.

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